It was all Frigid Blue


IMG_2455Mood: Stuffy, Sleepy

Currently Reading: The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch with Jeffrey Zaslow

          Where I live it gets cold……. no, I mean very cold. It was 30 below. The snow is frozen solid, the slush and brand new potholes test everyone’s tires and suspension, not to mention their patience. My car is covered in mud due to the salt and sand on the road but I drive everywhere anyway. I am not a fan of winter, one can only do so many things outside before their fingers go numb. I go for short drives just to be outside and not in the house. Its like were all trapped inside our homes waiting for the sun to melt it all away. Now, I may live where we have these awesome mountains, however, I don’t do snow sports. I love the outdoors, but I’ve never actually been skiing or snowboarding. I have somebody who could teach me but it sounds like more of a hassle for a sport that is going to make me sweat in my 20 pounds of clothing and probably break an ankle while it’s strapped tightly to a board. I can hear the nice POP when my knee would dislocate and snow would bury me, it would most definitely end in my demise.  I prefer taking pictures when its spring and summer on trails, hiking. Where its more likely that a bear will maul me to death, then at least my grave could say “She Fought a Bear Though”, you know instead of the headline “Hipster finds Frozen Girl while riding the Fresh Powder”. I know sometimes my mind goes straight to death and the possibility of it occurring to me or others daily but it’s just a fact. According to the Association for the Safe International Road Travel, over 37,000 people die in the US in road crashes yearly. Food poisoning kills 3,000 people in the US yearly (think about that next time you drive just to get a burger and your Whopper tastes funny). You could also have an underlying heath condition that no doctor has picked up yet and drop dead at any moment……. or not ;).



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