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Mood: Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate With Butter Biscuit

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     Today I had an appointment that was about an hour away and we found a cool little bookstore with a Starbucks inside. Now, going to Starbucks was a big deal to my boyfriend and I because we are Dunkin’ Donuts people. So naturally, after my appointment he looked for the closest one for coffee, I knew Starbucks would be closer because of the town we were in and I like the different options at Starbucks so that’s where we went. I got my caramel macchiato which I swear I ordered iced but she gave it to me hot. I am the type of person that never complains about my order or asks for it made again due to an error either in ordering or making. You could put the wrong food in front of me at a restaurant and I’d probably eat it to be polite. I found a book as we were standing in line and it was on sale and I decided I needed it. We got our stuff and left the little picturesque town. We then proceeded on our beautiful drive back to our town.

          I love coffee and books, or even better, coffee, books and a chocolate covered butter biscuit Ritter Sport. I read when I can, unlike other people I don’t like to read when i’m too tired, or too hopped up on caffeine. I have a cute little bookstore in my town that I go to, I like to shop at local businesses and this is one of my favorites. If they don’t have a book they can always order it for me and they’re super polite ( plus, they know me there, haha). I do cheat on my local bookstore sometimes when I am in a different town though because I buy books rather regularly. I buy books, I read books but I mean I BUY books. It’s my favorite thing to do. I may buy more than I should, but it’s because I like options of what to read next.

         I never liked to read when I was younger, it was a chore. I read my assigned reading for school (except a few times, haha) but I didn’t find it fun. I’m generally a fast reader and if I’m interested can finish a book that is not too wordy rather quickly. I now devour books about various topics. I like books about World War II and classics, I also enjoy mysteries and thrillers. I rarely read youth adult books even though the community for them on social media is so large and I am still young enough to do so. I think it is because I’m past the age of the characters in those books and unless they have a deep meaning or life lesson I don’t want to read about a moody teenager living through the prison that is high school. I like to read about a time and place I have no idea about. I like books about people living without cell phones and internet and I hate when there are text message conversations in books. Possibly because of the insincere, shallow tone a message like “c u l8r? ;)” displays. I by no means want to hate on authors who write youth adult books or use text conversations in books, its just personal preference.

          I personally love the Goodreads app, its on my phone and I like to look up books on there to see what readers think before I buy it. Its super helpful because books are so expensive and I’d rather have an idea of a books quality before I buy. Now, don’t always go by the reviews or judge a book by its cover (guilty, sometimes!) always read what makes you happy. I like Interesting things people write, things intelligent people write, If there is a book about something I don’t understand I’ll read it to learn. Do you recommend any books? Any favorites I should check out? If so, Please tell me in the comments below! 🙂

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