Our Dead Sea

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Today is April 8th. I woke up and it was not very sunny outside but peaceful. I played the song Mr. Blue Sky to wake me up because that song makes me happy. I then proceeded to get ready for the day and make a to-do list, homework, laundry and cleaning. As I was getting ready to go out for the day I was thinking about somebody who is no longer with us. I usually don’t let myself get into a dark place of sadness anymore, you can’t live like that, you pick yourself up by your bootstraps and move on…. and that’s exactly what he would have said.

Today is April 8thand I didn’t realize it until I was thinking about him. Today marks exactly one year without my big brother. One of every holiday has passed without his presence. His birthday which was December 25th. His favorite holidays St. Patrick’s Day and Thanksgiving have passed without his presence. When I go home to visit my family there is always something missing, he’s not going to roll in like a hurricane parking his jeep on the front lawn, wiping the refrigerator out of leftovers and asking what adventure I want to go on today. His girlfriend Katie told me that she always thought the song by The Lumineers “Dead Sea” was about him. The song says ” Like the dead sea, the nicest words you ever said to me, honey can’t you see I was born to be your dead sea”. The simile is that the person is being compared  to the dead sea because in the dead sea you float due to the salt content of the water. The person never lets people sink, keeps them held up high, when you’re with them you’re never down. This is true about Patrick, he was the dead sea to everyone he met. You couldn’t be sad around him, he never let people feel down and he always built people up. He was an intelligent and unique person, not just because he was my brother, because its true.

“Flowers leave some of their fragrance in the hand that bestows them” -Chinese proverb, thats the last piece of wisdom he gave me. He always told me that whatever you put out there, good vibes, positivity is a reflection of yourself and of your character and that what you put out there will come back to you. So I always keep my flowers in hand and spread them wherever I can, I spread the positivity and the way he treated people and build them up, keeping them afloat.

Rest In Peace Patrick 12/25/83 -4/8/17

Patrick with Katie

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