Defining your Tragedy

Webster dictionaries definition of Tragedy is as follows-

“an event causing great suffering, destruction, and distress, such as a serious accident, crime, or natural catastrophe.”{

Everybody experiences it and lives through some in their time here on this round blue planet. The amount of tragedy differs, what may be seen as tragedy to one may only be the tip of the iceberg for others. That’s when the word “fair” comes in “why is it ok that some experience more tragedy than others?” Then the word “deserve” – poses the question “is anybody actually deserving of their negative life experiences?” Lastly the word “experience” as in what do these sad tragic life experiences teach me and how will I use this knowledge. Also, is the knowledge worth the suffering?.. Even though it couldn’t be stopped or changed. Also events can be tragic but it doesn’t mean the entire story is- but how do you overcome your own tragedy.

Recently I was offended in a sort of humorous way. I saw a diagnosis on my visit summary from the doctor’s office that listed one of my issues as “Dysthymia”. That word means that you’re generally a downer. Yeah …. that’s what I said, that sucks my healthcare provider who sees me every few months diagnosed me as having “persistent mild depression” as it’s defined in the Oxford dictionary. I have been the way I am for about 8 years now on medication to help me overcome my tragedy. Mine is nowhere near as bad as it could have been, it’s also not an event it’s a culmination of people and events and genes that make me the way I am. I’m not a sob story- my life is pretty great but everybody has their downfalls. Now I’m not here to talk about personal issues but I’ve been asked “do you see a therapist” which I found offensive since I’ve been doing well for a few years now. Now take me with a grain of salt but this post is not meant to make you feel any particular way about me or my story above , but to analyze how I’ve dealt with my tragedy. I wonder how others do it and if our lives are just an existential crisis of the human condition of conflict within myself and I won’t actually ever cure myself because there really is no answer.

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