Is in its prime both socially and economically. We communicate from devices plural …phones computers, email, social networks. I don’t know about you but I pay through the asshole every month to Verizon so I can communicate from anywhere I am , so I can google things in a rush and compare prices or know the quality of the restaurants nearby. And I’m ashamed to say that I need this form of communication for both communicating with people and googleing. I have a Facebook account that I created when I was 14ish, that has too many memories on it I can’t bring myself to deactivate. I also use Facebook to see what extended family is up to. My issue is we don’t use tone and hear/ use the same diction we would in person, heck we probably don’t even say the same things in person than we do online.

For instance – I have my wedding coming up in April, sent out RSVPs recently as I need an exact headcount. I surprisingly received some paper RSVPS in the mail and an email of “sorry we can’t make it”. And promptly sent out more invites to fill their place because I have more people to invite that would like to come, and a 4 month notice is plenty if time (you quickly learn who wants to be in your life and who does not!) But the ease of clicking decline or accept made my wedding planning much easier. Now this isn’t a good example of the social change that networking and communication through digital interface versus in person is bringing about because it made this Brides life way easier! However, it’s the ease of saying something in text where you don’t hear the tone of voice or see a slight facial response or “read the room” as they say. There is a disconnection in the social behaviors that were once needed to have a social circle. I’ll admit it I have social anxiety I don’t like talking to people I don’t know and we’ll…. let’s put it this way – I’d rather skip the company Christmas party instead of going and spending time with the same 6-7 people I work with because in that setting it makes me want to puke. I digress, but my point is how can we make this human networking/ social issue better, what can we do to improve our skills in actual human communication. Free Internet cafes have been around for years and I personally find them great I can read (I read actual paper books, yes even in the bath) or read my email and nobody needs to bother me and there is no obligation to socialize ( I’m clearly not helping the cause!). But I do have a 8-5 job so this is occasional and I would much rather hike and take pictures

One other thing …what people put out there on social networks and even in texts or YouTube for that matter.. is what they WANT you to think of them….. does not mean it’s truth. If I wanted everybody to know that I’m in the bath right now with my hair pulled up in a red bandana with eucalyptus bubbles and an awesome face mask on, I’d say that…. and you now have a visual, if it’s true is up to you. It’s something about the bubbles that makes me think!

Currently listening to- Gypsy – Fleetwood Mac

Currently reading – Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy

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