Find Solace,Be Harmonious, Grow Continuously.

Today is December 25th and for Those if you brought up in catholic school/ attending Catholic Church then you know this represents the birth of Christ. For those of you who are not religious you know this is a made up pagan holiday that was tied together to the birth of Christ that was during the springtime which is April- May in Israel. Since pagans were very tied to their own beliefs the Catholics tied their own beliefs to the winter celebrations. Now the representation of one “holiday” combining with another- weather this is good ,bad or indifferent is your opinion. I personally am thankful during this time because I am fortunate enough to be able to see my family and give and receive as a token of my thankfulness. Weather my belief is catholic or not does not matter, I make this time important because I live far from some of my family and I enjoy giving people things/ tokens of my love for them because I can. If I couldn’t then I wouldn’t and I’d still be thankful.

Religious/Spiritual Belief does not matter as long as it doesn’t negatively impact others. I assess what I’ve done this year, what I can do better and sometimes make new goals. I say “sometimes” because some years just surviving is important and that is okay too. Don’t worry about other peoples goals and accomplishments, everybody has a different life experience. There is no comparison to others that is accurate to gauge your growth.

And finally, I am coping. That word is important because of its meaning. The ability to successfully deal with difficult situations. Being able to dissect and learn from emotion. There are many types of mechanisms for this, very hard to find something that works for you but I can tell you that dissociation and avoidance are not it. I have a personal loss that is mentioned in my post “Our Dead Sea”. My brother died tragically and unexpectedly. Today would of been his birthday, he was born on Christmas 1983. My mother always laughingly said he didn’t want to miss the party. This would prove to be exactly who he was as he got older, he brought the party. So now Christmas is today and I think about my thankfulness and of course loss as well. I have gone through the emotions many times over just as my family and his friends have. So now we live on and I don’t know if there really is an end to a loss like this but I hope that others can find their solace too.

Listening to- Drift Away -Dobie Gray

Currently reading- Anna Karenina (it’s a long book and I’m slacking)

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